Home Staging: will it help you sell your house faster?

When Does A Home Need To Be Staged?

Any home that is being put up for sale can benefit from staging. This is true for both houses where the home sellers live in the house while it is on the market as well as houses that are vacant. Vacant houses lack in appeal, appear smaller and feel cold without furniture, rugs, artwork, décor and secondary lighting.

Does The Entire Home Need To Be Staged, Or Just Parts?

For houses that are lived in while they are on the market, we always recommend to stage the entire house. Every detail that we do in staging needs to contribute to increasing the perceived value of the property. If one part of the house is staged and looks at its best increasing the perceived value, but then another part of the house does not, that part will then counter the increased perceived value and bring that increase back down.
For new constructions and vacant houses, we typically focus on the main living areas and the master bedroom. If there are any small or quirky secondary rooms, we also recommend to stage those as well.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That Homeowners Make When They Try To Stage Their Homes Themselves?

Most people think staging is making a space look pretty and decluttered, not realizing that there is so much more to it. I think the biggest mistake that home sellers make is not hiring a professional stager for at least a staging consultation. During the consultations BA Staging & Interiors gives home sellers very specific instructions and ideas on what to do. Once we have them equipped with this plan, they can then get the house prepared much faster as they no longer will second-guess themselves whether this chair should be removed from the room or not. Also, if you live in your house you usually like what you have and it personal to you and your taste. However, this is not necessarily the best way to present your home for sale as they typical buyers’ tastes may be different. We bring the experience, knowledge of staging techniques as well as current trends to advise home sellers about the best way to present their property.

Some home sellers of vacant houses think they can stage it themselves by bringing in some furniture. Often they bring some “left-over” or cheaply bought furniture to “show buyers that they can fit this furniture into the room” and they think they now have the house staged. This can be the biggest mistake as dated furniture and décor as well as under-furnished rooms that feel cold and welcoming will decrease the perceived value of the property instead of enhancing it. There are so many additional elements other than furniture that go into a staging design. It is about selecting the right style and size furniture for the target buyers, but also including rugs, artwork, lighting, decorative accessories,…. In the end home sellers do not buy houses, they buy a lifestyle and their dream. Great stagings connect with home buyers on an emotional level to make them fall in love with the property.

How Does Home Staging Help To Get A Home Sold?

As I mentioned before, Home Staging is not just making a space look pretty, but it is a very powerful marketing tool. Once a house is on the market it is no longer a home, it a product and therefore it needs to be marketed as such. Staging is the packaging of the product. Think about any product or even a cake – which one of these two cakes would you prefer purchasing? Staging is like the icing and the presentation of the cake, which makes people want to buy it.


The same is true for real estate – which house would you go to check out in person?

Before Staging

After Staging

This house was on the market for several months before staging. Once we had it staged it sold within 10 days – during the slow winter real estate season.

With 94% of home buyers starting their search online, the presentation and photos are one of the biggest decision factors why to see a property. In nowadays fast living online world it takes only 1-3 seconds to draw someone in and to have your house end up on the buyer’s “want-to-see” list. Nowadays you can lose a sale by one click on the mouse!!

Properties that are professionally staged sell on average for a 6-10% higher price and 73% faster then if left un-staged. So, investing 0.5-2% of the sales piece into staging will not just help home sellers make money, but also makes the home selling process less stressful. By selling faster home sellers, builders and investors will also save money on property tax, maintenance fees, utilities, insurance,….

About BA Staging & Interiors:

BA Staging & Interiors is the premier home staging and property merchandising company in CT best known for our exclusive, chic and luxurious stagings that successfully sell real estate. Their enthusiasm, keen sense for details and perfect balance between new trends and existing features in a home create a memorable and impactful lifestyle experience for home buyers. BA Staging & Interiors’ professionalism and staging designs have earned them most prestigious awards in the industry – three HOBI Awards and the Award for Professional Stager of the Year 2013 in North America (RESA).

Birgit Anich has also been featured on HGTV, ABC, NBC, FOX, Better Homes, New York Times as well as several Magazines.

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